Work In College - Pros And Cons For Students

Working during college is a great way to save up on some cash, along with being able to gain some work experience to write on your resume. With how competitive the employment market is, every bit of experience goes a long way in selling yourself to a prospective employer after college. Not only that, but if you perform well in your job, you may have one ready and waiting for you after you graduate. Also, did we mention the monetary benefits of working in college? In this article, we will discuss potential work that can be found during college, such as an essay writing job, or online jobs for college students, and the pros and cons of working while you are in college.


There are numerous advantages to getting a job while in college which is why we are such strong advocators for it. We will discuss some of the strong advantages that are in your favor if you are unsure about whether or not to take up a job while in college. Essays on politics, famous people, economics. Experts at Weekly Essay can write them all.

Firstly, there are many jobs available at college campuses. These are usually, but not always, aimed at students already enrolled at the college. The jobs vary greatly, from bar work to working in administration. The main advantages of working on your college campus are numerous. You are offered many perks such as discounts from stores on campus. There is also a certain socializing aspect to working in campus especially if you get a job that involves considerable face-to-face contact with students such as working at the university bar or shop. This can allow you to make many connections with fellow students and learn more about your college.

Aside from customer service focused jobs, there are many office jobs also available for students. For example, administration jobs are very popular among college students. Not only do these give you valuable experience that can be transitioned for a graduate role after college, but employers will also look favorably upon this experience as it is relevant to the types of jobs graduates will typically be doing after finishing university.

Of course, one of the most obvious advantages of working while university is the financial aspect. Many college students do not have a lot of money to live on and so working while at college can give you much breathing space in regards to your finances.

Aside from university jobs, there are also a plethora of online jobs for students, as hinted before in this article. These can usually be found through freelancing marketplace websites, where clients will post job descriptions for freelance writers to apply.

The advantage that students have in this regard is the fact that they can use the specialized knowledge that have acquired at university, and transition this knowledge into writing highly valuable and insightful articles. Since you have a high level of knowledge in the subject, or subjects, you are studying, you can be paid handsomely for your writing. The main advantage, of course, of pursuing an online writing academic job is the fact that you can write from the comfort of your dorm room whenever you may want.


Obviously, as with anything in life, it is not always rainbows and roses. There are some downsides to even the most seemingly positive concepts. Working while at college is no different. There are a few disadvantages, however, despite these, you should not be afraid to pursue a job during your education. We are simply going to discuss these cons to working while at college just so are cautious about them, and keep them in mind when you go for a job in college.

Firstly, you will have less time to devote to your studies, or you will need to make some sacrifices to your social life. It is unfortunate, however, you need to decide what is more of a priority for you. But, if you are easily getting all your studying done right now with ample of time to spare, then you may not need to make such decisions.

Another disadvantage, especially for those looking to pursue writing jobs from home, is the fact that a significant portion of your time may be spent on marketing or selling yourself to potential clients. Although this is a great skill to acquire for the future, this also means that the time spent on trying to acquire new clients will not result in any pay. This is a large part of working online that you need to keep in mind if you are interested in pursuing this option.

As with everything in life, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages. However, despite the drawbacks, we still strongly recommend that you acquire a job while at college, since you can have something to talk about on your resume for job interviews, and earn a bit of cash.

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