What Is Freelance Writing Job And Where To Find It?

If you have decent writing skills, you may choose to become an online writer. There are plenty of freelance writing jobs for beginners for you to choose from. This type of job will require you to work from home or any other place with the Internet connection. Being a freelancer, you’ll be able to write the texts on the topics you want and work for customers that you like. You’ll even be able to set your own schedule and workload. However, to start a successful career, you’ll need to follow a few tips.

Steps to Take Before Getting a Freelance Writing Job

  1. Take writing courses.
  2. Even if you have pretty good writing skills, it’s advisable to take some official courses. This will not only improve your theoretical knowledge and practical skills but also will allow you to provide your potential customers with the evidence of your expertise in writing.

  3. Select a niche.
  4. There are plenty of specializations that you may choose as a writer. It’s recommended to select a niche that you’re an expert in. For instance, you may decide to do freelance sports writing jobs online if you’re interested in sports and know a lot about this general topic. If you work in a narrow niche, you’ll be more likely to quickly get a good reputation if compared to writing articles of different types and on any topics.

  5. Create a few samples.
  6. Before you write anything for money, you should craft several sample articles related to your narrow niche. This way, you’ll be able to demonstrate your actual skills to your potential customers. Composing example articles, you should put as much effort into your work as you can. If you create the samples of low quality, plenty of clients won’t have a desire to hire you.

  7. Create a professional website.
  8. Many successful freelance writers have their personal websites. A website is a very convenient tool that will help you inform your potential customers about your background, types of services that you can provide, and prices of these services. It’s advisable to ask a decent web designer to create your website so that it is good looking and functional.

Looking for Freelance Writing Job Openings

  • Advertise your services in social networks.
  • You should attach the link to your professional website to your accounts in popular social networks. This way, you’ll greatly increase the chance of potential clients noticing you as a writer. Also, you may ask your friends to share the link to your website to increase this chance even more.

  • Get registered on job boards.
  • Job boards are websites where all types of freelancers leave their contact details and actively search for new gigs. If you’ll create an account on such a resource, you should be able to quickly find many potential customers and contact them electronically. Maybe, some of them will want to establish long-term cooperation with you.

  • Contact online publications.
  • If you’d like to work for a particular publication related to your niche, you may send them an email or call them providing your freelance writing job description. If they’re interested in your services, they’ll hire you for a probation period. If you’ll prove your worth during this period, you should get the full-time job.

Now, you know how to start the career of an online writer and where to look for your first customers. Keep in mind, however, that you aren’t likely to earn plenty of money from the very start. First, you’ll need to accumulate a number of satisfied clients and let your reputation grow. Once you’re considered a skilled and reliable freelancer, you’ll get a lot of orders from different customers, both old and new.

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