Where To Find Writing Jobs For Creative But Inexperienced Writers?

If you have excellent writing skills but no experience of writing for money, you may try to complete freelance writing jobs for teens and beginners. There are different ways in which you may find customers to provide you with orders. The more ways you learn about, the higher will be the chance that somebody will hire you.

Where to Look for Freelance Writing Jobs Online for Beginners

  • Use social networks.
  • You may spread the word among your online friends in social networks that you’re a freelance writer and tell them about a type of writing services you may provide. It’s likely that if a lot of people learn about this, sooner or later somebody will contact you with a request for your services. You may also join various freelance communities within social networks to communicate with other freelancers.

  • Go to job boards.
  • A job board is a website where freelancers with different specializations look for gigs. On large job boards, you may find plenty of potential customers that require a type of writing services you provide. If you contact a customer, it’s likely that they’ll hire you to complete, at least, one order to check your skills and reliability. If you prove to be good at what you do, they’re likely to give you more jobs in the future.

  • Contact particular organizations.
  • If there is a web publication, for example, that offers a freelance writing job online that you’d really like to do, you may contact them and offer your services. First, they may hire you for a probation period. If you show decent results during this time, they’re likely to hire you for good and pay generously to you.

Steps to Take Before Looking for Online Jobs

In order to increase the chance of earning good money as a freelance online writer, it’s advisable to take a few preparation steps. Here is what you should do:

  1. Take writing courses.
  2. Even if your writing skills are pretty good, it’s highly recommended to improve them by taking decent writing courses. This will not only make the quality of your texts better but also provide you with a document that demonstrates your expertise in writing. Taking good courses will cost you some money, however.

  3. Choose your niche.
  4. It’s not recommended to try doing any writing jobs that you’ll find. You should focus on a particular niche that will suit you the best. For example, if you know a lot about sports, you may choose to do freelance sports writing jobs online. This way, your job will be not only profitable but also pleasant.

  5. Create sample articles.
  6. Once you’ve chosen your specialization, you should compose several example texts related to it. Having the samples, you’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills to your potential clients. It’s highly recommended to put as much effort as you can into your examples so that they show you in the best light.

  7. Make a professional website.
  8. It’s very convenient to have a good online resource of your own. On it, you may write about your background, provide a list of freelance writing jobs that you may do, and indicate the prices of your services. Also, potential customers tend to hire freelancers who have their own websites more often because they seem more reliable.

Now, you’ve learned how to find some freelance jobs related to writing even if you don’t have any experience. Keep in mind that at first, you aren’t likely to get plenty of orders and get paid generously. However, if you constantly complete your work properly, your reputation will grow and more clients will want you for hire. The amount of your payment should also grow with time.

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