Where To Get Writing Jobs Related To Fiction Literature

If you have outstanding writing and narrative skills, you may look for a fiction literature freelance writing job on the Internet. If you become a freelance fiction writer, it’s likely that you’ll be required to compose mostly short stories for different customers. This is a creative and interesting job. To succeed in this career, however, you should learn how you may find clients.

How to Seek Fiction Freelance Writing Jobs UK Online

  • Use social networks.
  • This is a passive way to find customers but it’s still rather useful. You may indicate on all your social network accounts that you’re an online fiction writer. Also, you may join different freelance writing groups in social networks to increase the odds of good clients spotting you. If a person is interested in your services, it’ll be very easy for them to contact and communicate with you in a social network.

  • Get registered on freelance writing job boards.
  • These are online resources where different types of freelance specialists can advertise the services they provide and look for new job orders. On a job board, you may contact potential clients on your own and be contacted by potential customers who are interested in your services. Using this option, you’re likely to find many people and organizations that you’ll start long and beneficial cooperation with.

  • Contact particular publications on your own.
  • There are many online magazines and publications that have sections for short stories in different genres. If you know such a magazine and would like to work for it, you may contact it offering your services. First, the magazine might require you to complete a test job. If you deal with it successfully, you might be hired for good and get decent payment for your regular writing.

How to Start Your Freelance Fiction Writing Career Properly

If you want to make a pleasant impression on your to-be clients so that they’re more likely to hire you and pay you well, you should take several steps before you start seeking jobs. Here are the things you should do:

  1. Go to a writing workshop.
  2. Even if you consider your writing skills to be decent, it won’t hurt you to improve them. In a writing workshop, you’ll learn to write fiction in a group of other writers. You’ll read each others’ works indicating the strengths and weaknesses of your group mates. After visiting a writing workshop, you’ll learn to write much better stories.

  3. Pick your genre.
  4. It’s not recommended to take any freelance academic writing jobs (UK) that one may find. You should concentrate on a specific niche. For example, if you like to write romantic stories and you’re good at it, you should concentrate on this particular genre. This way, the quality of your work will be much better than if you try writing detective stories, for instance.

  5. Write a few sample stories.
  6. It’s likely that most of the customers won’t deal with you if you don’t provide you with any examples of your writing. For this reason, you should compose several short stories that will serve as your samples. You should put a lot of effort in these stories so that they’ll make a good impression on your potential customers.

  7. Create a professional website.
  8. It’s very useful to have a website where you may describe your services and demonstrate your samples. You may put links to your web resource on your social network accounts to increase the odds of more people visiting it and hiring you to write short stories for them.

Now, you know how to find writing jobs if you want to become a freelance fiction writer. Also, you’ve learned what steps to take to begin your writing career in a proper way.

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